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With My Citizenships you can embark on the path of new life opportunities that may be available to your family with dual citizenship

We will find a country which will treat you best

We will find a country which will treat you best

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My Citizenships is a team of experienced specialists with a strong vision of global citizenship

We live in an age where doing business is linked to human mobility, one of the most important social growth instruments we have. Our team aims to assist high net individuals to overcome barriers in their way of going global by obtaining a second passport, as a tool for greater mobility.

Based on the expertise My Citizenships has assisting various people to acquire a second citizenship by investment, we can claim that obtaining a second citizenship will also allow families greater security, access to worldwide education, an increase in the quality of life, stability, more investment opportunities, and diversification of wealth. It will provide the opportunity to become a global citizen, which represents enormous opportunities worldwide.

Through our local connections in key countries and cooperation with our trusted international partners, we provide outstanding services and second citizenship solutions to My Citizenships clients.

My Citizenships

What will you get with new citizenship?


Obtaining a higher class second passport will increase your mobility and help you to travel around the globe easier and faster, all in all taking you one step closer toward becoming a global citizen

lower taxes

Most countries’ CBI programs we advise have a more favorable tax environment and more attractive tax policies than most countries in the world, making them better options for high net individuals across the globe

dual citizenship

Becoming a dual citizen comes with a wide array of benefits. It is these benefits that attract investors, and ultimately help them seize fresh opportunities, live new adventures, and experience life like never before

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