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"Global mind-set is the ability to avoid the simplicity of assuming all cultures are the same, and at the same time, not being paralyzed by the complexity of the differences."

Herbert Paul

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In My Citizenships we try to remind that from the very origin, the earth was created and was operating as one. Too often, we focus on what divides us, rather than what unites us. When we look at our planet from the cosmos, we see everything working in unison. There were no division lines, borders, or walls created by humans. It is remarkable, in the last decades we have observed colossal changes. Walls came down, people and businesses started to go global.

Recognizing every country’s right to control its borders, at the same time, in My Citizenships we believe that every man, as well as every business, has to go global to develop and reach the climax of its prosperity. Year after year, more countries are signing visa wavier agreements to boost peoples’ movement and mobility. However, people do not have the luxury of time to wait for governments to be in step. We consider human mobility as an instrumental tool for success and put all our efforts into helping people to go global now.

Our Mission

My Citizenships is a team of professionals engaged in citizenship by investment industry programs, assisting high net individuals and their families to create brand-new possibilities and achieve major breakthroughs through obtaining dual-citizenship by direct investments. We share the common belief that passports have evolved from a mere travel document to a device of opportunity, freedom, and knowledge. We embrace our own mindset and lifestyle of global citizens. Being a world citizen does not mean abandoning a national identity. Rather, it is enriching it with the joys and responsibilities of being part of a globalized world.

This is a trend that is also being witnessed through the citizenship by investment industry, where more and more governments are turning to this sustainable method of attracting foreign direct investments to their countries and bringing in more opportunities for their citizens.


Our devotion is not only to the quality of our work: it’s down to attitude, our approach, and the way we treat our clients


We have 100% commitment to making all our applications the best they can possibly be, no matter what it takes to get there


Our desire to produce good works runs deep -that's what lets us handle every project with fresh energy and enthusiasm


While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen hard to understand your business and your needs


We are united with you in the drive tp get the best from your project - think of us as extra members of your team with all the skills you need

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