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Montenegro is an official EU membership candidate

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Bursting at the seams with majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and larger-than-life locals, minuscule Montenegro proves once and for all that good things do indeed come in small packages.

Program's overview and key advantages

There are two available investment options: €250,000 investment in an undeveloped region (north of the country), or €450,000 investment in a developed region (south of the country). An additional €100,000 donation has to be made in each case.

Montenegro passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 124 countries, including the Schengen area, the UAE, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The number would certainly increase substantially once it joins the EU.

Low corporate and personal income tax and no taxes on
inheritance or gifts.

Both Montenegro and the EU aims to have full EU membership by 2025. See more

Application’s processing time takes around 3-6 months, though in some cases delays are possible.

Applicant is entitled to include his/her spouse and financially dependent children without age restrictions.

In accordance with the laws of Montenegro there are not any restrictions on dual nationality.

There is a full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.

Lifetime citizenship is being granted, meaning citizenship may be passed to future generations​.

It’s obligatory to spend just 5 days in Montenegro in a 5 year period to renew your passport. Moreover, you will only need to travel to Montenegro when your application is approved, to take a citizenship oath and provide your biometric data

You simply have to apply, make the investment, and take your passport.

Montenegro has everything from stunning beaches of Adriatic sea to mountains and ski resorts.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro


The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme has been launched on the basis of the “Decision on criteria, method and procedure for selection of persons who may acquire Montenegrin citizenship by admission for the purpose of implementation of special investment programme of particular importance for the business and economic interest of Montenegro”, adopted by the Government at its 99th session held on November 22, 2018.

Montenegro is in a special position at the moment, as the EU accession is expected to happen in 2025. Montenegro recognised its opportunity to accelerate its economic development by attracting investments with a citizenship program for up to 2,000 foreigners. CBI program launched on January 1st, 2019.

The passport of the NATO member Montenegro allows its citizens to travel to 121 different countries without a visa. Investors are aware that the net cost of obtaining citizenship in Montenegro is the lowest compared to other European programs.

Per the scheme, foreign investors will be considered eligible for naturalisation by exception if they meet one of the following investment criteria:

  • Invest €250,000 ($292,000) in projects in non-developed areas of Montenegro (mainly located in the north of the country), provided that these projects have prior government approval; or
  • Invest €450,000 in projects in developed areas of Montenegro (the southern region), again with prior government approval.

Real estate is quite liquid in both of these places, so it shouldn’t be a issue ll and even earn a profit. You could additionally try renting, which will produce an estimated 3-6% annual return.

An additional €100,000 (government fund donation) will be required by the government for each submitted application. This amount will be used for regions under development in Montenegro.

The Government of Montenegro wanted its CBI scheme to be fully transparent and with the highest possible integrity. For this reason, the investment can only be realised in government approved projects: real estate investment can be sold after five years.

The Montenegrin CBI program was opened in 2019 and will run to the end of 2021. It also has a limitation at 2,000 applications, so if you’re interested, you better hurry up: it will close on 31st December 2021.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro

About Montenegro

Montenegro is a democratic country that became a member
of NATO in June 2017 and is on the way to becoming a EU member by 2025. The World Bank has named Montenegro as one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkan peninsula.

Massively reliant upon tourism and thanks to its original attraction, the nation decided to capitalize on its European location and quality of life. While the country develops and foreign capital grows, the economy will develop beyond tourism, energy, and agriculture. So, it’s only a matter of time, unlike several of the Caribbean CBIs, where there is honestly no scope for future grandiose economic progression of Montenegro.

It has access to the glimmering Adriatic, some of the prettiest mountain landscapes in Europe (featuring ski resorts), historic walled towns, and is well on its way to becoming the next Croatia. It also has the one of the world’s most luxurious yachting marinas, called Porto Montenegro.

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, the republics of Serbia and Montenegro together proclaimed a federation. Following the independence referendum held in May 2006, Montenegro declared its independence and the confederation peacefully dissolved.

The name of ‘Montenegro’ refers to the black mountains that cover large parts of the region. The country stands on the edge between the east and the west. It has a rich cultural history. Despite being exposed to many attempts at conquest to control its lands, the civilizations that rolled over it left behind the most beautiful historical evidence. Montenegro keeps intact its wild beauty and its authenticity. People there are distinguished by organization and the friendliness and kindness with visitors.

Montenegro has a favorable tax regime with resident individuals paying between 9% and 11% of their personal income. Non-residents pay 5% tax on interest income and 9% withholding tax on dividends and royalties earned in Montenegro only. VAT in Montenegro is set at 21%, excluding services in five-star hotels and marina berths for boats and yachts which are at 7%. Residents are taxed on their worldwide income, regardless of the source. Non-residents are taxed only on Montenegro-source income. An individual is considered a resident for tax purposes if he/she: spends at least 183 days in a tax year in the country; has a domicile in Montenegro, or has the center of personal and economic activities in Montenegro.

While purchasing property, the country does levy a real estate tax that ranges from 0.25% to 1%, however buyers of newly built real estate will pay 21% VAT, which can be claimed in certain circumstances. There is no capital gains tax when real estate is being sold by an individual but if it is owned by a company a 9% tax applies. See more

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